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We can work it out

While I wrestle with a Flash player that has somehow inexplicably stopped functioning (and won't let me reinstall over it, and is standing between me and some Yahoo! Maps screens that I need to capture) I offer up this for any of you Social Media geeks who might be reading.

My friend John has yet another cool project in the works. Says John:

What’s really interesting about Meadan — apart from its small part in removing barriers to rationale discourse between the West and the Muslim world — is how it uses social networking technologies both to create communities (the “traditional” use of social networking) but also to enlist users to rate, edit, and correct the English-Arabic machine translation. Social networking as language feedback loop.
It'll be really interesting to watch this experiment unfold. Get an invite to the alpha, John?

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But of course. How's your informal Arabic? :-)

Bryce [TypeKey Profile Page]:

About as good as my formal Arabic, thank you very much!

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