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Redefining the 'Tease'

Whew, boy. Those hot little minxes at 'Netscape' are back in business. They've posted a 'teaser' screenshot for the upcoming Netscape 9.0 browser release.

Wha? wtf? Netscape is still releasing crapass browsers?

Now, I ask you.. in whose reality does this news tease, titillate or tintinabulate the senses of anyone?

I used to joke that, if you gave a finite number of monkeys a finite amount of time that, eventually, they'd reproduce Netscape.com.

Turns out that those monkeys have succeeded on about 4 separate occasions. Hope they got their sabbatical.

Disclaimer: I worked for a different flavor (actually several different flavors) of 'Netscape' for almost 8 years. So, yeah, I was one of those louse-eating monkeys.

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"Turns out that those monkeys have succeeded on about 4 separate occasions. Hope they got their sabbatical."

And that's when the monkeys succeeded. There were also those executive management turnovers where a new VP would come in and scrap a project when it was almost complete or only partially rolled out. Anyone remember the Nestcape Network?

Damn, cheeky ass monkeys.

You worked for them 8 years ago, which in internet years is like 120.

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