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Remaindered Links out of Control

Kottke has added another guest poster to the remaindered links weblog, and Megnut is considering adding her own 'remaindered' blog. I even recommended something very like it to Duffy for Donewaiting. It's remaindered madness!

But something occurs to me. I have been enjoying the experience of following Kottke's Remaindered links over the past couple of weeks. And I think that the feature partially succeeds based on it's scarcity model. So far, the links have been high-quality (by which I mean, interesting) and there are few enough that I can check them once a day, follow each one, and end with a quick feeling of satisfaction.

Tonight, however, all that has changed. It looks as if Lance and Jason have had a little remaindered posting party. 22 posts. Too much!

(A peek at the RSS feed confirms that Meg is largely absent from tonight's boy-on-boy fun, weighing in only with 1 very practical (read 'boring') link to the Motley Fool, and a guide to NYC restaurants. One can only assume she was Googling 'ways to get my 20 bucks back'.)

So, Jason. Do us a favor. Keep the remaindered links, but don't kill their appeal with overrabundance.

(An aside: Kottke's 'Remaindered' format is very close to Jorn Barger's Robotwisdom. Which I also enjoy, at least when he's not foaming at the mouth about 'the Zionists.')



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