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Jesus, etc.

Last week, I pointed to an article about Jesus' supposed final resting place in Japan. Just tonight I stumbled across the following, from a longer article on Mary Magdalene's emigration to southern France:

There is a great tradition - as valid - or more valid perhaps to realists than the virgin birth, crucifixion and ressurection. [...] This claims a tomb in Kashmir to be the grave of Jesus after a long mission in India which he made after surviving the crucifixion. If peace is ever made in that disputed region of the world without blowing it to powder, acheologists may have the opportunity to search for clues. There is another case made by Thomas and Lomas for the Tomb depicted in Poissions painting, "Les Bergers de Arcadie" which is near Rennes-le-Chateau in Arcques as the final resting place for the mortal body of Jesus the Nasorean Priest. This makes more sense in a way because it is well known that Mary Magdalene was there with their three sons. But perhaps his sense of duty to the old Lost Tribes in Persia and India led him east anyway. Even today, suppression (and war) prevents a thorough exploration of these questions in the field. However, the only problem with the tomb in Southern France is that it is located on private property. The stone itself was removed years ago due to trespassers some of whom marked the stone (vandalized). So without a way to bring high pressure to counter the Church's pressure to leave it alone, it may be many years before real scientists may be able to search that site.



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