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Belatedly, Flickr User Model v3 in High-res

Wow. It's been 2 years (almost exactly to the day!) since I posted the original version of the Flickr User Model diagram. It quickly evolved through versions 2 and 3, where it stopped:

Flickr User Model, v0.3

Back then, I promised that I'd share a high-res printable and editable version so that folks could do as they pleased with it, and lately I've fielded about 4 different requests for just that. So... never let it be said that I'm not a man of my word. (Lazy yes, but honorable.) So with that...

Illustrator Format Flickr User Model, v3 in Illustrator CS3 formatPDF Format Flickr User Model, v3 in PDF format

Please note: I just changed the Creative Commons License for this piece to permit Remixing! (with proper attribution, and—of course—sharing back to the community.) To be honest, I thought that was permitted before, but I checked and realized that I'd had the stricter 'NoDerivs' clause in effect.

Also... the Illustrator version is in CS3 format, but will probably open in some earlier versions after barking at you about lost effects or something. And all of the type in the Illustrator versions has been converted to outlines which kills the edit-ability but preserves the appearance, since it was originally done in the Sun Sans typeface, which—I'm just guessing—is not all that common out amongst the English. (For you international readers, that was a lame Amish joke. Please disregard.)



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