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Tagliner updated

A note of administrivia: I've updated the site's dynamic tagline a bit, as threatened. When the page first loads, you should always get the latest tagline from the database. If you click on the tagline, it will reload a random one from the DB.

The effect is kinda weak right now, unfortunately. Because the tagline database is still rather small (only 5 or 6 entries), you'll tend to cycle through them rather quickly. And, what's worse, you'll probably tend to get 'stuck' on one, that'll keep popping up through 3 or 4 refreshes.

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it's funny; the first bit of AJAX scripting I ever did was an in-place tagline editor for my MT blog. Glad I'm not the only one obsessed!

Bryce [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks for dropping by, Anil. I think that I've taken lately to 'sweating the small things' in some kind of perverse realization that I can no longer affect the outcome of the big stuff. So.. whiz-bangy taglines, here I come! Next up.. blinking archive headlines.

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