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Robert Duffy should write more

My old pal Duffy's just posted a review of Silversun Pickups with Viva Voce over on my (once-frequent, now occasional) home a-web from home Donewaiting.com. To be honest, I don't know the bands, and I probably won't look into 'em for a while (okay, I lied, I'm wandering over to emusic in another tab already... Silversun Pickups aren't on there, but Viva Voce are.)

But, all of that aside.. I really wish Duffy would write more on the various sites of his web fiefdom. Back in the day, he kept a column all to himself on Donewaiting (Rob was also a guest-blogger on Soldier Ant years ago, but I muffed all of his entries a while back when I exported-and-reimported my whole database. Everything's still there, but it's all been attributed to me, and I haven't found the energy to go picking through the archives to set things aright.)

Writes young Rob (about Viva Voce):

The band melted my face right off. I needed emergency surgery to get through the rest of the night, that's how brutal the melting was. But I survived.
Indeed. What I love about Rob's writing is this: if you know the guy, then you know that this is exactly how he is. Reading Rob Duffy is just like talking to Rob Duffy. I swear, I fully believe that his face melted off that night, but he put it back together with nothing more than the sheer force of his lovable enthusiasm.

So c'mon Rob. Make less with the clicky and more with the clickety-clack.



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