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Toast Soldiers

God bless the English, who are still finding new and innovative ways to enjoy soft-boiled eggs. "Toast soldiers" are thin-sliced sections of toast, perfect for dipping through the cracked neck of an upright egg. And some guy has invented a device to make perfect toast soldiers:

"There has always been a danger of cutting your soldiers too fat or too thin. If they are too fat then obviously they can't fit into the opened neck of the egg which is infuriating.

"But if the soldiers are too small then there's the risk of a catastrophic failure after they're dunked into the yolk. The simple act of withdrawing the soldier may cause it to break in half, forcing the person who is eating the egg to resort to a teaspoon."

In high-school, whenever my friend Nate's french-fry would take an endo into his deep pool of dipping ketchup, he would launch into an elaborate rescue operation (involving forks, straws, and, once, a shoelace) with the rallying cry of 'Diver Down!' I bet Nate would enjoy a perfectly-formed toast soldier. (Link found on Robot Wisdom.)



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