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Belt One Out

This brief history of the chastity belt (probably not work-safe) includes some fun tidbits:

“Many of today's cartoons and jokes of chastity relate back to Medieval times, when Knights who themselves swore vows of obedience, loyalty, poverty and chastity, 'protected' their women by locking them in chastity belts until they returned from the Crusades. Generally these chastity belts were made of iron or bronze, very occasionally they were made with precious metals and gem stones to adorn the belt.”
Pictured at left is a male chastity belt. Intended not to protect the wearer from harm by others, but apparently from abuse by himself.

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Let me be more specific. That page itself is acceptably work-safe but be careful about clicking around on the site that houses it...


Thanks Bryce! I've been wanting to replace my old rusty bear trap but didn't know where to find a new one!

"As for airport security I would imagine it would set the bells ringing, but if you're man enough to wear a chastity tube you're man enough to explain why."

This whole thing is just so *wrong*.

Hi, fasinating reading about my site on your own.

Did you see also our new page? The old Carrara designs site from Walter Goethals is about to be replaced!

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