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rahr-THUMB.jpg First things first: my pet name for my wife is 'bunny.' Okay, go ahead. Smirk. Get it out of your system.

Now. Understand that this is a sketch I drew of my wife (The Bunny.) I drew it when we lived in San Francisco. 'What is she doing?' you may be asking yourself. She's ripping down the curtains, of course. Because of MUNI-stink, and Inner Sunset ear-canal mold, and road-weary commute husband, and social-climber clueless boss, and post 9/11 jitters, and... the list could go on and on.

So, yes, we do miss San Francisco (it was a year and a week ago today that we left.) But we also are thankful for a new year, in a new place. Near family. New stresses, but we've spent more time the past year thinking about hanging curtains than wanting to tear them down. That feels like progress...



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