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Snowed In

And loving it.

This has been the best weekend I've had for a long time. Quite possibly the best weekend since I rounded the corner into my 30s. I wish I had pictures to share, of the snow, and the dog in the snow (he's a San Jose transplant, but -- wonder of wonders -- he somehow instinctually 'gets' snow -- loves to chomp snowballs, roll around in it, and of course, sign his very sloppy signature.) But there are no pictures, because I've been too busy enjoying the weekend to worry about filming it.

Some highlights:
- snowballs and stick-throwing in the doggy-park
- pulling back the blinds and watching the snow to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
- Beans and sausage in the slow-cooker
- chasing down the neighbor's Rottweiler, Bruno.
- the 'show snovel' ;-)
- Back-to-back-to-back Simpsons for the 300th episode.

And, best of all, I just got the phone call. No work tomorrow. Let it snow...



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