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Every once in a great while, it gives me pleasure to look at an old, old project of mine on the Web - Bryce's Buttons & Widgets.

Completed when I was a grad student at Georgia Tech, the goal was not only to contribute to the burgeoning community of freeware Web icon-and-art providers. I also wanted to make layered, deconstruct-and-bake-your-own versions available for people to learn from. (Apparently a secondary goal was to test out every Photoshop filter I could get my hands on.)

For a while (all of 3 or 4 months) it was a smashing success. Ever since, it lies in a bit-bucket, a forgotten directory on a departmental webserver. It makes me feel all warm and cuddly to know that it's still out there, though, serving up it's meager (if dated) collection of drop-shadowed fun.



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