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Dot-com Diaspora

Meg Hourihan is leaving San Francisco and her reasons for doing so kind of resonate with me.

Unlike Meg, I don't know that I'd say I'm ecstatic about my move back East. New England may be a place that stays in your blood -- Ohio is more like something you find in your stool.

"I'm not sure California would ever really feel like my home nor would Californians ever feel like my people."

That's a fairly concise summation of how I felt about California for my five years there -- like a permanent tourist. Californians were never my people. (Which is more a sad statement on my own self than on the many fine friends - both native to the state and transplants like me - that I met while there. Good people are in California, and some damn fine drivers. Oh, and good Indian food, but that's beside the point.)

So I'm back in Ohio, amongst my deep-fried people.

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A note about the title of this post: I never worked for a dot-com, technically speaking. This title reflects more of a general shift in attitudes and outlooks that has befallen the Bay Area since the bubble 'bursted'.

It's kind of a sad but hopeful image, I think. Tens of thousands of displaced high-tech workers now walking the earth (metaphorically speaking, of course -- many of them are probably crashed on couches, eating chips. Or waiting tables, or working at other high-tech jobs, albeit for less money. Or in Kitchener, fer chrissakes.)

What is funny is I am planning to move out to San Francisco in a few months, because I honestly don't feel like I was meant to live in Ohio.

I'm constantly going back and forth on if I should stay and buy a house and such or just finally move out there, knowing full well I'll never be able to afford things out there.

Oh well. Come January I'll find out.

I wouldn't discourage anyone from living in San Francisco. Especially if you're going out there with eyes wide open, and aware of the tradeoffs involved (housing prices, the homeless situation, and congestion being three that spring to mind.)

But it's a wonderful city -- we especially miss our old neighborhood, the Inner Sunset.

And crepes at Ti Couz in the Mission.

But we don't miss sidewalk splatter. Oh god, we definitely don't miss that.


Ohio is what you find in your stool? Dude...

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