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June 4, 2003

Rayment Twins Nude!!

So far, it been a colder-than-average summer (thank God -- give me a brr-chill SF-like gray summer any day.) And I've been posting... well.. not much to Soldier Ant.

But that's okay -- there's still a raging thread going on in one of my old posts. Wouldn't you know it -- the Rayment twins have quite a following. Thus proving my theory that nothing brings the traffic like a couple of hot twins.

Must publish more beefcake...

(Strangely enough, I get a lot of Search referrals for both Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth, sex symbols for a more mature generation.)

And I get almost no referrals for this post. I suspect it's because I don't refer to them by name. I've been told by others that if all you're looking for is traffic, those 3 little words work like a charm...

November 10, 2004

Hey Skinny

A short history of men's bodybuilding in America:

The $1000 prize winner in Macfadden's 1921 contest for "The Most Perfectly Developed Man in America" was Angelo Siciliano, an Italian immigrant who achieved fame as "Charles Atlas." Mythologizing an experience he'd had as a teenager on a Coney Island beach--when a bully had kicked sand in his face--Atlas sold "Dynamic Tension" mail-order courses to generations of boys who wished to face down their own bullies.

December 22, 2004

Just More Clooney to Love

George Clooney gained 30 lbs. for his upcoming film 'Syriana.' With the extra weight, he looks like my Uncle Bill.

January 25, 2005

Carson on Citizen's Band

Kottke points to a long New Yorker profile on Carson that contains this tidbit:

Most of what you hear on CB radio is either tedious (truck drivers warning one another about speed traps) or banal (schoolgirls exchanging notes on homework), but at its occasional—and illegal—worst it sinks a pipeline to the depths of the American unconscious. Your ears are assaulted by the sound of racism at its most rampant, and by masturbation fantasies that are the aural equivalent of rape. The sleep of reason, to quote Goya’s phrase, brings forth monsters, and the anonymity of CB encourages the monsters to emerge. Not often, of course; but when they do, CB radio becomes the dark underside of a TV talk show. No wonder Carson loathes it.
Sounds alot like playing on XBox Live.

April 8, 2005


The wife and I caught some of the instantly-forgettable Behind the Scenes: Mork & Mindy on NBC monday night. She was surprised to know that Robin Williams had been In John Belushi's room the night Belushi died. (I'd remembered it from having read the Bob Woodward book many years ago.) I knew there was another celebrity there that night, but I couldn't quite remember who it was.. it was DeNiro. So now you know.

(Oh and, just because it caught my eye - looks like Alfalfa was a real prick. And a Freemason.)

May 22, 2005

Ryan Seacrest is a great person...

... for me to poop on!

March 4, 2006

Flame Factor

Oh my god. Joe Rogan must be one seriously insecure guy. On his MySpace blog, he gets into a flame war with some Ohio U undergrad and basically wins the Special Olympics. Guess what Joe? You're still retarded!

October 3, 2006


Elvis Aaron Presley's Social Security Number.

January 19, 2007


A couple years back, I blogged about the incident that inspired the well-covered blues song 'Stagger Lee.' And now you can hear Samuel L. Jackson's take, Stackolee (scroll down for it.)

February 4, 2007

Dodged a bullet

There must've been a serious tee-vee lull last Fall that somehow turned Rock Star Supernova into our household's guilty pleasure of choice for a couple of weeks. It was all good campy fun, right up until the end when they picked this sputtering chimanzee Lukas Rossi to win. (I mean, I like my pleasures guilty, but liking this guy would border on masochistic.)

When we though that Dilana was going to carry the contest, LeeAnn and I even toyed with the idea of buying tickets for the followup tour's stop here in Columbus. Thankfully, we thought better of it. So, apparently, did ¾ of Value City Arena. To add insult to injury, Jason Newsted wasn't even there tonight (on account of 'injury'—or maybe he finally found sobriety.) Whew. I'm so glad we didn't go to this show—camp value or no, swimmin' in a crapfest still stinks.

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