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Rayment Twins Nude!!

So far, it been a colder-than-average summer (thank God -- give me a brr-chill SF-like gray summer any day.) And I've been posting... well.. not much to Soldier Ant.

But that's okay -- there's still a raging thread going on in one of my old posts. Wouldn't you know it -- the Rayment twins have quite a following. Thus proving my theory that nothing brings the traffic like a couple of hot twins.

Must publish more beefcake...

(Strangely enough, I get a lot of Search referrals for both Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth, sex symbols for a more mature generation.)

And I get almost no referrals for this post. I suspect it's because I don't refer to them by name. I've been told by others that if all you're looking for is traffic, those 3 little words work like a charm...

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where is that nude picture??

I wanna see it


he, yea. watever. I dont think they would do that. right?

That 'nude' part was a bit of a joke. But if you're looking for pictures of the Rayment twins, I don't want to dissapoint:

Neil and Adrian Rayment

there it is



Rayment twins

Here are a couple of shots from the London premiere of the twins goofing off and posing with Keanu & Co.



le vrai:

heya kimiwawa.. i couldn't access the images in ur page.. errors.... huhu.. i want to see the second pic..

le vrai:

oops sorry.. i mispelled ur name.. kiwiwawa..


thank you for the pics!!! rar.. I lover their looks!!


I have about 27 pictures of the twins on my page. :)


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