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New Comment System

Just a quick bit of blog administrivia. I'm trying out a new commenting system, one provided by Disqus. I've had the Movable Type commenting system throttled back (requiring a Typekey sign-in, which many people don't want to bother with) for quite a while now—so long, in fact, that I I fear I've just about completely killed any two-way dialog on the site.

But it was either that or spend hours a week deleting comment-spam. I'm hoping that Disqus makes good on its promise ("Disqus takes care of spam so you don't have to.") I've got it set to accept anonymous comments and I'll be playing with the layout and settings a bit in coming days. (I'll wait to see if anyone starts commenting to decide if it's worth the bother!)

One cool thing about the system is that comments left here will be mirrored in the site's discussion forum (and vice versa.) So… if the mood strikes you… leave a comment, please, and tell me who you are! This site has been a pretty lopsided conversation for long enough.



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