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July 2, 2007

Two Belated Observations About Spiderman 3

I suppose these might've been way more clever, or at least salient, about 4 weeks ago, but here they are...

I know that many people have made the "Dark Peter Parker"/emo artist connection, but my wife LeeAnn offered up this nugget of a counterpoint: "He looks like Chris Gaines!" (In my wife's defense, she did live in Nashville for 3 or 4 years.)

And secondly, did anyone else but me think that James Franco, during the "Massive Headwound Harry" sequences, was channeling the spirit of end-of-movie Ferris Bueller? I kept waiting for him to playfully nip at Toby McGuire's hand.

July 4, 2007

Happy 4th, Everybody

J. Caleb reminds us what today is all about:

Why, if it weren't for Uncle Sam, you might be reading this blog today in German. Or Indian. Or possibly Bear.
Happy 4th!

July 6, 2007

Schmap This

This is kinda cool. I snapped a little photo of one of my favorite restaurants from my old neighborhood in San Francisco: The Crepevine. (And it's not a very good picture! But that's okay, you'll see..) Like all my stuff on Flickr, it has a Creative Commons License associated with it.

A couple of weeks ago, I get an email from someone at Schmap, asking permission to use the photo in one of their "Schmaps", a digital travel guide (Here's how they work.) Actually, they asked me to submit my photo for consideration (but made it brain-dead easy to do so — the email linked to a form, with my photo already displayed. Asked me to confirm how'd I'd like to be attributed, then 'click' to submit. It took me 40 seconds, tops.)

Finally, weeks later, my photo has been approved for inclusion! I get a little ego-boo, Schmap gets a photo to illustrate their guide (and some goodwill from me, plus some linkey-love cause I think their service is kinda cool.)

So... kids... tag your photos up! And slap that CC license on. Fun things can come from it.

July 13, 2007

Summer Burn

Summer is in full effect, and—with the new little one in our house—we've been spending a lot of nights in, watching, swaddling, feeding and diapering. We've also been subjected to a lot of crap (read:“Reality”) TV, which is all that the networks seem interested in pumping out for these long hot months. So it's been a pleasant surprise to find USA's new summer series Burn Notice, an hour-long dramedy that's right up our alley. LeeAnn and I have really been enjoying it.

The premise is pretty simple: Michael Westen is a spy who's been “burned” (basically, fired, but... international spies don't just get their walking papers and 2 months severance.) He's cut loose in Miami, being tailed by the FBI, and—perhaps worst of all—has to reconnect with his mother.

It's a really fun show, and has elements that will remind you of more classic spy series. One part Bourne-ian “Man against the machine”, with a dash of MacGyver thrown in—Michael's improvised weaponry and his surveillance-on-a-shoestring budget gimmicks are a real hoot. But the comparison I keep making is that parts of the show are like the very best parts of the Ocean's 11 films.

Westen is capable to the point of being cocky, usually three steps ahead of everyone else, and you get that satisfying 'aha' moment, week after week, where his plan comes together, his tormentors become the tormented and comeuppance is dealt out in spades. Really smart series and Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Westen, is awesome. He emits unflappability—the guy's most disarming weapon is his hundred-watt smile. It's really refreshing to see a character played so loose and easy. (Here are some Spy Tips delivered in-character by Donovan that should give you a good sense of just how much fun he's having with this role.)

Anyway—Burn Notice is highly recommended. If you, too, are tired of the summer-dreck that the Big 3 + Fox are pushing down our throats, may I suggest that you meander over to USA? (Characters welcome.)

July 18, 2007

The Plain Truth

… is a tramp vomiting into the sewer. Here, Bob Dylan takes about 6 minutes to, approximately, deliver the equivalent of a Jerry Springer guest's timeless refrain: "You don't know me!"

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