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I just felt like writing something tonight.

Early tomorrow morning, Kirby and I will be heading back over to the OSU veterinary hospital for the next stage of treatment for his ear infection: immunotherapy. He'll be anesthetized (which always makes LeeAnn and I nervous), shaved (a patch, probably on his rear haunch), and pricked with a couple dozen common irritants. Then they wait for his skin to react.

From that, they'll be able to make a more-educated guess at which allergens are causing his problems, and they'll use that knowledge to whip up an immunization cocktail that we'll have to inject under his skin. At first, he'll get a shot once a day (or every other day—I forget, it's been almost 2 months since we went over all this with the doctor.) Eventually, though, it'll be down to once a week or so. We'll do the injections at home (the vet assures us it's easy-peasy: lift the abundant skin on the back of his neck and he won't even feel it.)

After more than a year of lobe-goopings, canal-washings, pills and nasty antibiotic dog-farts, I think injections will probably be the easiest course of treatment we've tried yet. (Of course, the washings and pills may continue. I'm not sure about that.)

Kirby kinda likes going to the OSU clinic. And I think they like him—the last time I took him, he spent about 2 hours in the backroom while I waited in the lobby. When I got him back the top of his head smelled like the student assistant's perfume. Ladies love cool Kirby.



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