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5 of my baby-name ideas that my wife has rejected

These are all for boys (perhaps my girl-name selections will be forthcoming...)

  • Solomon Grundy Glass (later amended to Solomon Kane Glass, still rejected)
  • James Buchanan "Bucky" Glass
  • Jonah Jameson Glass
  • Andrew Sipowicz Glass
  • Wesley Wyndham-Glass (I actually thought she'd go for that one)
I think my name-selecting privileges are in serious danger of being revoked altogether.

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Well, you could do what I do and have all of your name suggestions be based from John Cusack roles. One is bound to stick!

Assuming you like John Cusack...

Mamazilla [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Women are very adamant about the name they give their child. It has to be just right. I think we actually feel that we have "the right" to pick since we do carry it for 9 months. Here is hoping that you will agree on one like Lance and I did. Oh, and I too rejected most of his suggestions so don't feel bad.

C'mon Mamazilla, Tristessa would have been the bomb. Forget for a moment that her namesake would have been a fictional smack addict. It had FLAVA.

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