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Keep Lantzilla's Head Kissably-Smooth

Lance is a new (well, new-again) father and one of the kindest guys you'll ever meet. With three girls, a wife, and a full-time job, he doesn't always have time to keep his bald head in peak shape. There's this slick head-razor that'll make it so easy.. even for a busy guy like Lance. C'mon Internet! We owe this to the guy...

Donate now to the Keep Lantzilla's Head Kissably Smooth campaign! (Sorry, not tax-deductible.)

The razor costs $75.00. I'll kick in shipping costs. (And if we don't meet our goal within a week, I will refund your money.)

Update 6/17: We have already aquired enough donations to purchase the less-deluxe, but still pretty cool headblade classic. In all likelihood, I will be ordering the Classic for Lance, unless an influx of support comes pouring in.
Update 6/18: Okay, scratch that last update. As you can see, we're flyin' high... almost there.. so none of that cheap-ass plastic crap for our Lantzilla. Which is cool, cause I really want him to have the kickstand. Cause.. how badass is a razor that requires a kickstand!
Update, 6/21: We're almost there! And on a serious note... I started this 'fundraiser' on a whim (cause I've been wanting to try the Dropcash Service, cause Lance is a genuinely good guy, and cause I figure he's got enough wired-in friends that we'd actually get to the $75 mark.) But I don't want to make light of a seriously worthy cause that our friend Jamison has been fundraising for. All week long, I've felt a little silly, watching the kitty grow for this 'cause', knowing that I'd not yet pried open my wallet for Jamison, a true hero, working toward AIDs prevention and treatment. A true cause. Perhaps one of the defining causes of our generation. Well, I just rectified that. And you can still be a hero too. (Oh, and if you do contribute, I'd like to remind you that many companies offer donation-matching for charitable contributions -- check with your human resources dept. to see if they won't pony up as well.)

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This is great. Let me know if you don't reach your goal and I will chip in the rest. Let's face it, I am the one who will benefit the most if his head is always kissably smooth.

Aw schuks, thanks Bryce!! After Maya was born, I let my head go for an entire week! After it goes that long, it takes about a half hour, clogging your cheap razor and hacking up your head to restore maximum kissability. Little Japanese tissue flags everywhere :-)

The deluxe model is so boss! The mini Hotwheels tires (with high performance rims) and the chrome finish take it from weak sause to geek chic in zero flat!

Maybe with the time saved with this new razor, I can find time to play Halo on Thursday nights! Thanks again!


Now this is Phat! The show of support for your head Lance is just too coo. So, once it is shaved, can Tina rub it and tell my future??

Sweet!!!! I'll write an hreview of it when I get it. Super sweet. In response to the serious note, I contributed a few weeks ago. Jamison is quite the hero.

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