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My 1st Wikipedia Entry

I have long admired the ambition and scope of the Wikipedia effort, and I've been meaning to get involved for quite some time. Today, I got off my duff and wrote a simple stub entry for something that was previously (to me), a glaring ommission: King Solomon's magical Shamir.

Update 6/02: It's cool to watch the wikipedia machine at work. Within 24 hours of my article's initial authoring, the article has been edited 5 times already! For stylistic reasons (failing to bold the subject term in the body text), typographic reasons (a stray apostrophe) and semantic reasons (categorizing my 'stub' entry as a 'Judaism-related ' stub, and further disambiguating one of my internal links to point specifically to 'Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon' instead of the more general 'Nebuchadnezzar.')



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