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Movable Type Usability Bug

Movable Type Usability Bug
Originally uploaded by soldierant.
The Search & Replace feature in Movable Type needs a redesign. If one is attempting to do a simple search (therefore, one enters no 'replace' phrase in the corresponding box), it's all too easy to accidentally click the 'Replace' button:
  1. It's vertically left-aligned to the Search button, and shares a similar size.
  2. It occupies that prime muscle-memory location of 'end of form, lower right corner'
  3. It's especially attractive if one has just checked off some parameters in the 'Search Field' section of the form.
The result of such an action? An irreparable 'Replace' of whatever phrase you thought you were just searching on. With an empty string! Ack! (And you know this shit's serious when I start quoting Cathy.) Are you listening, Jamison?



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