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A long while back, I started noodling around with Applescript and Adobe Illustrator. At that time, I promised to share any progress I'd made, and make some scripts available once I had something worth sharing. Well, it's been a slow year...

But the long dry spell is over. If you make frequent use of Illustrator's File > Place... command, then you're probably aware of one of its biggest limitations: it will only place one external image file at a time.

At work, I use this command all the time, to place tens and dozens of screen-captures or Photoshop mockups into detailed user-flow diagrams that we produce for the products we build. Placing these images, one-by-one, is a miserable time-sink. Hence, my desire to have something like Multi-Placer.

Applescript DropletMulti-Placer, v.0.5
Multi-Placer enhances Adobe Illustrator's 'Place' command. It allows you to select an entire directory full of external images. MP will then create a new blank document in Illustrator and import all the images. Finally, on a new layer, the script draws a 1-pixel wide black stroke around each embedded image.
Download Multi-Placer v0.5 Now

Multi-Placer is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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Bryce, you ROCK. THANK YOU.


This beautiful little bit of scripting is the REAL DEAL. All you player-hatin' plug-ins need not apply.


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