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Comics Update

Charles Tokyo and I ventured out to Nancy's Home Cooking for lunch today and stopped off at The Laughing Ogre on the way back to the office. I got a chance to tug at Gib's ear for a couple of minutes...

Here a couple of titles that I've mentioned on Soldier Ant in the past months, along with updates for each:

  • Quimby Mouse from Chris Ware appears to be delayed. Again. (In fact, when it was promised back in July of 2002, it was already being referred to as “long delayed”.) Here's a decent Onion interview with Chris Ware to keep your lips moving until it shows.
  • I picked up Hellboy: Weird Tales #2 (I clean missed #1 dang-nabbit, and Gib tells me its now ungettable.) This is a fun series, albeit pretty disjointed and lightweight. I think my favorite story is “Flight Risk”, wherein BPRD gadget-man Lloyd tries to reclaim his freestyle jet-packing height-endurance record. (If you've seen Hellboy pilot one of Lloyd's creations then you can fairly well guess how Lloyd's attempt will turn out.) Some other great Weird Tales moments: Hellboy dipping a “toe” in the hot springs; Kate Corrigan haunted by Mommy (this is the Weird Tale that Eric Wight illustrated - he gives Kate a certain Bruce-Timm-like curvaceousness that definitely doesn't come across in Mignola's rendition); “Pam-cakes”-era HB let's his curiosity get the better of him; and finally a good-ol' fashioned pulp-style Lobster Johnson 2-page spread. I'd definitely recommend picking up this series.
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. II, No. 5 has apparently also been delayed for awhile. But Gib promises it'll be out next week.
  • Finally, I got issues 6 & 7 of Warren Ellis's Global Frequency. 6 was a bit weak, although it does showcase the urban-Tarzan discipline of Le Parkour quite nicely. 7s story felt tighter, but Ellison does like to pile on the bleak ultra-violence. Gotta love that bit with the buckshot-cell phone, though.



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