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Muffled Ribbitt

WTF?! How come I can do a Google search for “Sports Frog” (with the quotes, even!) and get a loooong listing of blogs and sites that point to The Sports Frog. (Which Rob Duffy introduced to the anthill a couple of months back.) But nowhere do I get an actual result pointing to The Sports Frog itself!

I'm not gonna claim foul-play, mind you. A lot of people seem to enjoy mistrusting Google's intentions these days. But, seriously, have you heard that Sergey Brin's father was once the Russian Secret Consulate to the Bavarian Illuminati? Yeah, I didn't hear that either, but dig this couplet from a poem he authored for Sergey:

You work hard to squeeze a thesis
From the world wide web of feces.

Now, I cry foul.

Anyway, can anyone explain to me the hiccup in Google's algorithms that might've blacklisted that poor frog? Surely someone's authored a search concept map that could explain this all...

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We've tried to figure the same thing out ourselves. It makes NO DAMN SENSE.

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