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Turnspit Dogs

Do dogs have a history?

"In the nineteenth century, dogs were used in restaurant kitchens to run in large wheels that turned the spits for roasting meat over a fire. One story has it that, during a church service in Bath, the Bishop of Gloucester, who was giving the sermon, uttered the line 'It was then that Ezekiel saw the wheel,' and at the mention of the word 'wheel' several turnspit dogs, who had been brought to church as foot warmers, ran for the door."


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Wow, I would like to know more, like how did they become extinct and do you have any picture of the dogs?

I posted a follow-up comment here: Turnspit, Pt. II

Linda Frankin:

I have three pictures...from line cuts or engravings...of turnspit dogs in their wheeled cages on p. 598 of my new book, 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles. It's available at amazon, barnes & noble, etc. I don't have a picture on the web.

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