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Yesterday, (the day after Christmas) I was on a mission: repair or replace the AC adaptor for my wife's iBook. It had become frayed from tension after months of couch-usage. And was shooting out sparks.

Applecare documentation (and ol' sparky) in hand, my first stop was Microcenter. While I live not more than 10 minutes from one of Apple's fine retail stores, I thought Microcenter would be less crowded with easier parking. And I was right!

But they didn't have any replacement power supplies. And they couldn't service an Applecare policy. That has to be handled direct through Apple. (Which makes sense, but since I bought the policy from them at their Santa Clara store, hopefully you can excuse my hopeful ignorance.)

So I would have to face the dreaded post-Christmas crowds at Easton Town Center.

But on the way out, I took the time to rummage through their bargain bin, and you know what? For the first time in a long pathetic history of rummaging through Microcenter Mac bargain bins -- with nothing substantial to ever show for it -- I'll be damned if I didn't finally find something. Something kinda good. And definitely cheap. In fact, I strongly suspect a couple of errant key-strokes in the production of the clearance-price sale tag. I got a MacAlly iStick for $3! Yep -- three damn dollars. Normally 49.00. Score.

Now when the the hell is Halo coming to the Mac?

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Oh, and -- no, the iStick does not yet have OS X-native drivers. I talked to MacAlly Tech Support and the guy claimed a native driver is '2 or 3 months away.' (So it should still handily beat Halo by a half-year at least.) And he recommended a pretty good third-party driver until their's is baked.

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