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Repeat after me: 'War is bad.'

sgtrock.jpg Fun, to-the-point fan review of Sgt Rock and the men of Easy Company:

"Rock makes a point of collecting the dogtag of each fallen man... and when the general later claims victory for his plan, Rock shakes the dogtags and states, 'This is what it cost!' Which would be a very good point to make.. if we hadn't seen it coming from a long ways away.. or if Sgt. Rock wasn't already stating this dramatic conclusion ON THE COVER!"

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Of course war is bad! Why our stupid president can't see that is beyond me. Yeah, Saddam Hussein needs to be stopped somehow, but if we start a war, we teenagers won't live to be thirty! Have you heard of ALL the chemical and biological weapons he has? If you thought anthrax was a problem, you might want to check on Mr. Hussein. People in this hypocritical country are supporting Bush now, but as soon as something happens over here, they'll be like "You could've avoided all this you idiot!" Sometimes I'm ashamed to live here!

Visit our website for a cogent argument against attacking Iraq.


Joel Flange, Clemenseauesque

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