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Jack, Do You Never Sleep?

"JACK IN THE GREEN (The Hidden One - The Cylenchar) The Woodland spirit who, like the Wood-Wose or Wild Herdsman, guards the greenwood. He appears in many kinds of folk art, as a multi-foliate head peering through the keaves. Like the Sheela na Gig, he was especially portrayed in church decoration, usually as a roof-boss, where he was a constant reminder of earlier beliefs."


"Two years ago, a coven of wiccans in the city had a May Day ritual in which they consumed a punch created by their high priest. This punch, which he called 'Jack in the Green' contained several varieties of alcohol with several varieties of herbal narcotics, including wormwood and valerian. All those who consumed the punch became very ill. Two were taken to hospital when they fell unconscious and could not be wakened."

Tee-hee. Stupid Wiccans.



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