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Easy Potshots at a Killer Web Wonk

I once worked with a woman whose husband claimed to be the guy who first described 'The World Wide Web' to Dave Siegel: it happened on a CalTrain ride, in the evening hours after some-er-other conference. When they met a year later at the same conference, Siegel was like a man transformed -- thanking him for putting him on such a deeply rewarding path.

The husband claimed this was true. He was not proud of this claim.

It used to crack me up that Siegel's site is (and, as far as I can remember, always has been) full of busted links, horribly counter-intuitive navigation and general laziness of thought and practice.

Now I think it's just pathetic. And to top it all off, he's just slapped a disclaimer on top of the whole mess. (Last updated in 1998.) As if that excuses the fact that the site was crap back in 98, too.

Google image-search fun:
Single pixel gif
Spacer gif (Jackpot!)

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I remember when "creating killer web sites" was first out, and even then thinking, "and I'm supposed to take design advice from the person who did this?"

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