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The Hellboy Universe Expands

Dark Horse's Scott Allie recently announced a new anthology of Hellboy and BPRD stories that will -- for the first time ever -- be done without direct supervision or approvals from Mike Mignola. While this might ordinarily make me cringe (one thing I enjoy so much about the characters and the series is Mignola's singular vision) when I hear a teaser like this, I can't help but be excited:

"In Bob Fingerman's story, Hellboy and Abe and Roger are trying to get a soda out of a vending machine. It's hilarious, and it's nothing Mike would've done."

I'm guessing, too, that the coming HB movie -- if it's even half as dope as I think it's gonna be -- will expand the audience for Mignola's creation exponentially. It's a good thing to let talented and creative peers step in to walk a couple of miles in Mike's shoes.

(Link courtesy Bob Duffy.)



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