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Ohio's Nuke with a hole in its head.

I used to drive by the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant on trips to Put-in-bay during my years in Bowling Green. (It turns out I was comfortably, unknowingly, living well within the 50-mile Emergency Planning Zone for those 6 years.) You can see it squatting in the distance, hugging the Lake, from miles around. From a distance, it even looks oddly comforting.

Up close, it's anything but.

It seems that Davis-Besse has become something of a poster child for the imminent breakdown of our country's (indeed, the world's) aging nuclear facilities. "As Davis-Besse shapes up as a test case for a deteriorating industry, a nervous public, in northern Ohio and elsewhere, may be increasingly unwilling to roll the nuclear dice."

Obviously, now that I'm back in Ohio (and no longer naive enough to believe that nuclear radiation will play nice and pitch its tent in a strict 50-mile radius around a failed and flawed facility) this is mildy discomfiting.

(Courtesy Robot Wisdom.)



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